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With ever changing challenges and increasing pressure on budgets and the need for efficiency that both Government and private business leaders face today, operational decisions are reviewed and scrutinized like never before. To be an efficient and effective organization, Government and private businesses alike must have the right expertise in place to ensure productivity and efficiency that work in concert with each other.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides support and services second to none. Innovative strategies and a proactive approach allow us to predict your changing needs and requirements, and prepare for them before potential problems arise. We help you to plan and implement practical solutions for enhanced project stability, security, and value.At VADA Solutions, our motto is Experto Crede, “Trust the Expert “. Contact us for more information and find out how VADA Solutions can help you navigate effectively through today’s fast paced and challenging times.


Let VADA Solutions help your department or agency transition to Enterpise Infrastructre Solutions (EIS)


Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)


  • A $50 billion dollar GSA comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements.
  • In pre-award status.
  • The follow-on contract vehicle for Networx, WITS3, and the Local Telecommunications Services contracts.
  • Planned to be available for agency use with a period of performance of 15 years.

Our experience will ensure transition to EIS is easy as 1-2-3.



  1. Experience / Our team members have been involved with the successful preparation and transition of FTS2001 to Networx from both the Public side, at various Department and Agencies, as well as the Vendor side, which provides an insight to how vendors work behind the curtain.
  2. Ability / Our team members are not your typical project managers and engineers.  Our IT experience is rooted in network/systems engineering and design.  Project and program management was a natural progression.  There is a high level of understanding on how systems work and the transports they use.  This allows any team member to understand requirements and work with our client team to reach the desired goal.
  3. Management/ Our leadership team is comprised of executives, each with more than 20 years of IT and senior leadership experience.