Why VADA Solutions?

We are NOT just your vendor. We are your Strategic Partner!

VADA Solutions, a leader in strategy and technology consulting, works with clients to evaluate their existing environments and practices, and then develop solid and enduring solutions. Government agencies, SMB and large business, as well as non-profit organizations rely on VADA Solutions expertise and commitment to help guide them through complexities and challenges encountered on a daily basis.

Our consultant’s are experts in problem-solving and rely on years of project management and technical knowledge gained through not only time on the job, but also on continued training that keeps our team on the edge of the latest technology and solutions. VADA Solutions was founded on the premise of expertise that clients can trust, thus the motto of “Experto Crede” or translated “trust the expert.”

VADA Solutions offers expert consultation in the following areas:

  • IT Contract Transition Support
  • Organization & Strategy
  • Economic & Business Analysis
  • Information Technology Road-mapping
  • Systems Engineering & Integration

Why choose VADA Solutions?

  • Security
  • Strategic Solutions resulting in effective and efficient operation
  • Conserve and or consolidate valuable resources
  • Less downtime translates to more productivity
  • Growth management
  • Professional and experienced consultants